Road Construction

Road Construction(Flexible & Rigid type)

We are working for our clients to overcome the challenges of accessing reliable and updated information about Myanmar business environment.

We have, with wide range of network, our own capabilities of doing several In Depth Interviews or Focus Group Discussions within limited time frame especially for quantitative nature of research and qualitative analysis.

Based on empirical data, we examine key findings by considering your business requirements and perspectives of main stakeholders. Therefore, it is sure the fact that our customized recommendations are practical for creating your competitive advantages.

If you need specific information about your target industry in Myanmar, we are delivering following research services. 


  • Market Studies-offer accurate information about market size, entry point for market, rules & regulations, top brands, competitor, customer analysis etc.
  • Usage & Attitude Studies-focus on customers’ consumption practices.
  • Consumer Behavior & Trends-study needs, desires and values of your focused customer group.
  • Brand Audits- examine consumers’ feeling about your brand and find out underlying causes of brand promotion.
  • Feasibility Studies-propose guidance on seeking potential business partners, locating a factory site, estimating costs and revenue by identifying potential obstacles and finding solutions.
  • HR Industry Analysis-offer HR related studies for our clients or target industry.
  • Competitor analysis-offer a series of business benefits to track competitors’ prices, forecast potential market, understand competitor’s offers and more. 
  • Forecasting-project the future numbers, characteristics, and trends in your targeted market.
  • Market segmentation-provides a fundamental concept of different customer groups to manage company’s resources and to maximize profit.
  • Price trends analysis-provide a trend analysis keeping tap the price ranges from past, present and future.
  • Sales trends-review historical revenue results to predict sale patterns and future growth rate of a business.
  • Media/Social Media Research- records and analyzed information related with targeted media groups.