Research is painstaking and time consuming. Allocating for organizational resources and managing time schedule are also critical for good quality of service seekers. Our research specialists have capabilities of conducting a particular type of study within limited time frame.

Based on nature of project and clients’ requirements, we determine the most appropriate methodology to attain the information. Then, we facilitate and arrange our field teams to collect data through scientific research approaches such as Focus Group Discussions, In Depth Interviews, and Household Surveys. By referencing to the code book, we enter and process the collected data.  In accordance with findings and analysis, we produce in insightful reports for our clients. The specific types of studies we can offer for your organization are:

  • Socio-Economic Survey-study social and economic factors and their relationship on specific issue such as gender, migration, environment and more.
  • Market Sector Studies-gather information about demand, changes, strength and location of competitors and so on.   
  • Knowledge Attitude and Practices (KAP) Surveys- measure the knowledge, attitude and practices of a targeted population.
  • Rapid Assessment-make quick evaluation about a community, targeted population or area.
  • Need Assessment-evaluate needs within a community, targeted population, or area.  
  • Baseline Survey-measure the current situation of project or program.
  • Project Evaluation Services-assess the outcomes and impacts of project or program to inform recommendations for future program development.
  • Community Feedback Survey-record community voices and perspectives of different stakeholders on project.
  • Opinion Polls-assess public opinion on any given topics for different issues, policy and more.
  • Social Impact Assessments (SIA)-measure the expected and unexpected social impact of planned activity or project especially for infrastructure development.